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Amir Khan's UK Iftari Tour NOTTINGHAM

~*Special Upcoming Event*~

The Amir Khan's UK Iftari Tour will be coming to NOTTINGHAM on Sunday 5th July '15 at Goosedale Conference & Banqueting, Nottingham, NG6 8UJ.

An honourable Charity Dinner raising funds for the Amir Khan Foundation which is building an Orphanage in The Gambia, housing children desperately in need of sheltering and good education.

Event includes speech on Ramadan, Nasheeds, Auction and presentation by Amir Khan, finishing with a 3 Course Dinner. Segregation applied.

Tickets at £25-£35-£50.

Also a Meet & Greet with Amir Khan on request with limited availability.

All proceeds go to the Orphanage. 100% Donation Policy.

Doors Open 6.30pm.

For further information contact Naveed 07779 535 535.

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