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In the year 1997, we at Nottingham Islam Information Point first started off with a simple table in the bustling City Centre of Nottingham giving Da’wah to non-Muslims. On that very first day we started, Allah SWT blessed us with 3 Shahadahs. This had motivated us to carry on coming every Saturday, weather permitting, to sit behind this simple table filled with basic Da’wah literature and give them out to those non-Muslims who showed an interest in learning about Islam. Back then we only had a few committed members of the Muslim community who was willing to spend 3-4 hours of their Saturdays giving Da'wah with us but by the Grace of Allah SWT there are now around 10 committed Muslims including Revert's to Islam willing to give up their Saturdays in the Path of Allah SWT.

For over 20 years now we have seen the growth of new Muslims increasing tremendously hence the number of activities in the field of Da'wah has increased. From Muslim Mentoring programs to Revert Eid Dinners, Nottingham Islam Information Point has successfully developed a number of services covering the many problems that surround the Da'wah. These services can be viewed on our Activities, Services and Da'wah Projects pages.

To date, we have had hundreds of Shahadahs that we are aware of but have passed the message of Islam to thousands of people since 1997.  These people could have given their Shahadah in another city or with another group of Muslims but only Allah SWT knows best. As many Muslims should be aware that we are not doing Da'wah to gain lots of Shahadahs but to pass on the message of Islam as instructed to us by Allah SWT and His Messenger (SAW).

"And who is better in speech than one who invites to Allah and does righteousness and says; 'Indeed, I am of the Muslims.'"

​ [TMQ 41:33]


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