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Alhamdulilah our Charity Gala Dinner 2012 which was held at the Nottingham University went very well. We were able to raise our target of £20,000 which will all go towards the purchase of the Da'wah Centre.

There are four presentations which you can view by clicking on the YouTube link on the right.

For those who missed the opportunity to donate please contact us or donate through our Donate Page.


How to Welcome Ramadaan                    by Riad Ouarzazi​ (Al-Maghrib)​

The Recipe for Success                            by Kamal el-Mekki (Al-Maghrib)

The Benefactor by Abu Abdissalam

End of Days by Ustadh Uthman Lateef

Harut & Marut by Abu Ibrahim (Islambase)

Ramadhan 101 by Abu Yasir (NIIP)

The World of Jinn                                                        by Abdur Rashid (NIIP) & Abu Muhammad

G's of Islam by Shujahat Aslam

21st Century Lessons from the Seerah

by AbdulBary Yahya (Al-Maghrib)

You Only Live Once by Masikah

An Appointment with Allah (SWT)

by Dr Bassam Saeh

Final Destination

​by Ustadh Aqeel Mahmood

The Devil's Departure                                by Ustadh Belal Assaad

Upgrading Your Every Act                          by Imam Waleed AbdulHakeem

The Revenant - Descent of Jesus

by Yusha Evans

Call Of Duty - Infinite Welfare

by Abdur Raheem Green

Steps To Ramadhan

by Shaykh Abdul Muhsin Al Ahmad

Taraweeh Prayers '17

by Qari Abu Bakr Shatri

Taraweeh Prayers '17

by Qari Mohamed Fageir

Ramadan: Practised by the Salaf us-Salih

by Mufti Muhammad Ibn Muneer

Entering the Gate of Rayyan

by Ustadh Abu Taymiyyah Jeylaani

The Last 10 Nights of Ramadan

by Shujahat Aslam

Need for Tawheed

by Sheikh Zulfiker Ibrahim Memon

Advice to the Believing Men & Believing Women by Ustadh Abul Abbas Naveed Ayaaz

Finding Divine Wisdom in Everyday Occurrences

by Sheikh Adnan Abdul Qadir

A Better Life

by Sheikh Mustafa Raslan

Middle Nation

by Sheikh Abu Usamah ad-Thahabi

Taraweeh Prayers '18

by Qari Omar Aswat

Bid'ah Origins

by Imran Ibn Mansur

Self Ruqya Seminar

by Ustadh Abu Ibraheem Hussnayn

Proof of your love for the Prophet

by Shaikh Obaidullah bin Motiur Rahman     Al-Madani

Story of Prophet Sulayman (AS)

by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Malki

Taraweeh Prayers '19

by Qari Abdul Wahab Tahir

Signs of a Successful Ramadan

by Ustadh Abu Mu'aawiyah Abdullah Hassan

Techniques of Dawah

by Brother Lim Jooi Soon

The Devil's Deception of the Khawaarij

by Ustadh Abu Salma Muhammad Aideed

The Devil's Deception of the Khawaarij

by Ustadh Sa'eed Hassan

The Caliphate of Abu Bakr as-Siddique

by Ustadh Ariff Olla

Convey! Dawah Training Program

by Brother Nadeem Ashraf

Importance of Tawheed & Shirk

by Ustadh Rashed Al-Madani

Hidden Sin

by Abu Musa

The Addiction of Social Media

by Ustadh Waseem Khan

The three types of Nafs

by Ahmed Abu Ibraheem

Reviving Ramadan

by Ustadh Rashed Al-Madani

Reminders that benefit the believers    by Shaykh Adnan Abdul Qadir

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