Hijama Services for men are now available at the Nottingham Islam Information Centre for only £30 for 4 cups or more. Proceeds go towards helping sustain the Da'wah Centre. Contact Harun (Practitioner) on 07867533756 to book an appointment.

Hijama services for women please contact Gazala (Practitioner) on 07706944978.

The Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be peace) said; "If there was something excellent to be used as a remedy then it is cupping (Hijama)." [Abu Dawud 3857]

Khutbahs & Lectures

Regularly conduct Khutbahs and Talks across Nottingham on various topics.

Click on the button to access Nottingham's Annual Salah Timetable. 

Da'wah Training

Providing the Muslim community with a yearly Da’wah Training Course taught by professional Du’at on how to converse with people of different faiths.

Ruqyah: Spiritual Healing

Ruqya Therapy is now available at the Nottingham Islam Information Centre for men and women. Please contact Abu Mus'ab on 07492633267 to book an appointment. Click on the Taweez button to download the impermissibility of wearing a Ta'weez around your body. The article has been produced by Abu Muhammad himself who has over 20 years experience in Ruqya (Exorcism).

New Muslim Mentoring

Assist new Muslims with basic Islamic education, financial and social problems. Social invitations to welcome them into the Muslim community.

Marriage Matrimony

Nottingham Islam Information Point and Islamic Marriage Solution has teamed up with the aim of helping single Muslims find their potential partners in marriage. Islamic Marriage Solutions was launched in September 2013, an independent group based in Nottingham.


Please click on the link to access their services; www.islamicmarriagesolution.info

Nikah & Walima

Assist Muslim couples with Nikah (Islamic Marriage), perform ceremony and provide certification. The Nottingham Islam Information Centre can be used to accommodate Walima.

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Tel: 0115 8458520

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