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Q. Can anybody join your Da'wah table and start giving Da'wah to non-Muslim?

A. Yes why not? We would like many Muslims to call people to the religion of Islam and bring them back to the Qur'an and authentic Sunnah.

    At present there are not many Muslims participating in this particular field and we would like to have more Muslims giving Da'wah at any

    means necessary.

Q. Can Sisters attend the Da'wah table and start giving Da'wah to non-Muslims?

A. If Sisters would like to come and give Da'wah under our supervision on any given Saturday then they are welcome. However there must be

    at least 3 Sisters available and willing to spend 2-3 hours at the table. We will supply them with a fully-stocked Da'wah table round the             other side of the circular brick wall where we can keep an eye on them in case any trouble arise. Sisters must adhere to strict Islamic dress     code and have a fair bit of knowledge on Islam and the arguments that surrounds our religion. Email us to make arrangements.

Q. Do I have to be knowledgeable to give Da'wah?

A. You have to have knowledge of our own religion first before passing it on to others. Not just having knowledge but applying that

    knowledge as well. The main areas one should have good knowledge on is the Tawheed of Allah, Pillars of Islam & Iman, Qur'an & Sunnah,

    Dunya & Akhirah and what is Halal and Haraam. But in the meantime you can join us and learn from our discussions and experiences we

    have had in conversing with non-Muslims and non-practising Muslims.

Q. How can I learn to give good, effective Da'wah?

A. You can learn from reading our ebooks and watch our videos in the Da'wah Training section.

Q. Does anyone get paid for giving Da'wah at Nottingham Islam Information Point?

A. We only want to get paid by our Merciful Lord, Allah SWT. Unlike other Da'wah organisations we don't pocket anyone's donations and

    spend all donations on the Da'wah material that we give out to non-Muslims. We do have a small fund for new Muslims that only gets

    spent on their essential requirements and some money to spend on pupils at the School Visits that we conduct from time to time. We do

    not have any government funding and all donations are from the Muslim community. Overall, members of Nottingham Islam Information

    Point do not get paid money. Alhamdullilah.

Q. Where can I ask more questions about Nottingham Islam Information Point.

A. Please use the Contact page and ask your questions.

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