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Nottingham Islam aims to give Da’wah to both non-Muslims and non-practising Muslims within Nottinghamshire. We would also give Da’wah outside our jurisdiction whenever an opportunity arise. From helping start up a simple weekly Da’wah table in Scunthorpe to holding an Islamic Exhibition with all our stock in Dewsbury, we at Nottingham Islam would be willing to spread the message of Islam far and wide if proper plans are in place. Over the years we have discovered the many different ways of giving Da’wah to non-Muslims as listed below. These different methods clearly show our sincere intentions in spreading the religion of Allah as much as we can. Although we cannot give Da’wah for 950 years like Prophet Nuh (AS) did, however we can strive to give Da’wah in 950 ways.

Da'wah Tables

City Centre & Hyson Green

Started in 1997, the weekly Da’wah Table is the ethos of Nottingham Islam Information Point and is held in the City Centre of Nottingham every Saturday 12pm-4pm weather permitting. It consists of a Da’wah Table fully stocked with Da’wah literature and English translations of Qur’ans and upto 6 Du’at conveying the message of Islam to the public.

The occasional Da’wah Table in Hyson Green, Nottingham provides Da’wah literature for both the non-Muslim and Muslim communities.

We are blessed with receiving a Shahadah every other month a lot of conversations are taken place every week with people from different faiths.

Da'wah Signs

We have been placing Da’wah Signs wherever possible around Nottingham particularly on buildings such as Masaajid, Islamic Bookshops and Car Wash Service Stations. The Da’wah Signs give a clear message to the public to read the most positive book in the world, the Qur’an. Non-Muslims can then obtain a free copy by phoning the number advertised and we would gladly send them a copy along with other Da’wah literature.

Foreign Da’wah Literature

We are ever acquiring Da’wah literature and Qur’ans in the various languages that are out there so we can help spread the message of Islam to people of different backgrounds. We currently have a good stock of Qur’ans in different languages and Da’wah booklets such as ‘A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam’ to give to foreign people if requested.

Da’wah Drive-by’s


This is where we conduct Da’wah Drive-by’s around Nottingham targeting Muslim and non-Muslim youth to educate them about Islam bringing them back into the Mosques. We roll out every other week with a crew of Du’at armed with Qur’an & Sunnah advising the youth to come back to the teachings of Islam. The youth are the next generation of Muslims. Let’s help give them a good start in life.

Da’wah Literature Holders

We would place Da’wah Literature Holders around Nottingham particularly in Barber Shops, Cafeteria’s and Car Wash Service Stations. Non-Muslims can then help themselves and take the Da’wah literature with them freely to learn more about Islam.

Website & Facebook Page

The website offers non-Muslims the chance to learn briefly about Islam from the internet. We have provided adequate information on Islam and a list of some of our services to the Islamic community. Non-Muslims contact us via the website when asking questions on Islam and also wanting to embrace Islam. We would inform the person to meet with us at the Da’wah Table to the Shahadah in front of witnesses. We have had a few Muslims now embracing Islam through our website.

The facebook page offers Muslims to stay up-to-date with the latest Da’wah activities that we provide. From Da’wah tips and training to Shahadah videos, the facebook page acts as an outreach portal for any refutations needed to discuss with other religions.

Leaflet Distribution

Da’wah pamphlets would get posted through letterboxes covering many houses within Nottingham. Neighbouring houses would be reached first and then street after street and so forth. This way non-Muslims can read about Islam in the comfort of their homes.

School Visits

Children in Secondary schools would have many questions answered by the Du’at on issues that surround Islam. The religion of Islam would be taught in Religious Education classes as well as main assemblies and presented in a way the children can be able to comprehend it easily.

Da’wah in the District


Small roadshow Da’wah trips to urban areas around Nottingham mainly on the high streets where Du’at will engage with passerby and distribute Islamic pamphlets or engage in dialogues. These roadshows would start around 10am and finish in the afternoon. Du’at would wear their high-visibility vests to attract people and look professional.


Bad Boy Da’wah Events

We would host the well-known practicing Muslims of Nottingham who use to live a life of crime but are now guided by Allah SWT to conduct His work. These events will urge the younger generation of Muslims whom mainly from Pakistani and Somali backgrounds, can come and listen to the advice from newly, practicing Muslims who use to lead a life of crime and are now at peace with following Allah’s religion.

Islamic Exhibitions


We have a good size Islamic Exhibition on hand which can be used in Colleges, Universities, Town Halls, Mosque Open Days and Meet Your Muslim Neighbour Events. The Exhibition is presented in a professional manner and helps non-Muslims learn about Islam.

Translated Pamphlets

Trying to supply non-Muslims with Da’wah literature in different languages has been quite demanding so that’s why we at Nottingham Islam are able to translate and print out information on Islam in various languages and give them to the foreign people to read. From Polish to Mandarin Chinese, we have printed out our own Da’wah pamphlet entitled ‘The Message of Islam’ and is translated into 10 different languages so far.

One to One Dialogue

The Du’at would conduct visitations with Christians and Atheists within Nottingham and talk to them about Islam. Discussions can last many hours and the invitation to Islam would be given. We have had many discussions especially with Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons.

Arranged Mosque Visits

We would arrange with school teachers a day trip to the local Mosque in Nottingham for pupils to experience how Muslims worship inside a Mosque. These visitations prove to be very beneficial for teachers as well as pupils so to remove any misconceptions they may have on the religion of Islam.

Invitations to the Ahlul Kitaab

Posting small Da’wah packs to existing Churches and Synagogues in Nottingham inviting them to the religion of real peace. Attached with a sincere letter informing them of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) being foretold in their books.

Dawah Training.jpg
Da'wah Training


Training the future Du'at on how to give good, effective Da'wah to non-Muslims in different settings.

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