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CRISIS AID - Crisis Aid started in 2005 during the Pakistan earthquake when brothers from our local masjid gathered funds and appointed four brothers to purchase urgent needed supplies to get to the most remote parts of Kashmir.

This period of inactivity was a difficult period as we all watched on our screens the atrocities taking place – the oppression, the fleeing of the citizens, the mass murders and killings of men, women and children. Then came the stories and pictures of the camps and the dire circumstances the Syrians were living in. In some cases it was unbearable to even watch or listen to these reports considering the comparative luxurious lives we lead.


MUSLIMS IN NEED - Muslims In Need is a non-profit charity organisation which offers 100% donation policy. We are a group of volunteers from Mansfield Dawah whose main objective is striving to help the needy and more importantly striving Fi’sabililah. The volunteers have previously been working with other charities to help raise donations for Muslims suffering around the world. We have taken this opportunity to come together and form ‘Muslims In Need’ which we feel is a charity everyone would like to be a part of Insha’Allah.

Our current project is the container appeal whereby we hold collection points in various locations in the UK collecting essential items and donations, also purchasing ambulances to send in containers by sea to Syria. We will be working alongside various other organisations in order to achieve our objective effectively so the Aid can reach the most needy in the fastest way possible.

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ETHAR RELIEF - 70 to 80 refugees cross the border from Eritrea to Sudan every day arriving at camp Shagarab.  Many of these refugees are orphans who have lost one or both their parents. They make the tough and long journey in search of safety and a better future. They are without financial support and are forced to leave school to support themselves and their brothers and sister. With only £20 per month you can be bring hope to an orphan. £20 will secure an orphan’s basic education, food, medical care and shelter.


Ethar Relief began its work in 2006 sponsoring orphans. Four years later and we have over 350 orphans sponsored by individuals and organisations. There are still thousands of orphans without aid or support. We are currently accepting Qurbani donations from as little as £35 (share of cow) and this will feed the many Muslims who are suffering with food shortages. 

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TASKFORCE GLM - TaskForce GLM has been operating since 2014 and has been successful in raising millions of pounds for numerous projects handled by the team. Having put together a strong hands on team has created the strong foundations for a growing force where volunteers work together to deliver aid in the best way possible. With the help of the local community and working in partnership with other humanitarian charities; the TaskForce team identify areas which are most in need and personally deliver into areas where other charities do not.


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ISLAM FOR DEAF - Islam for Deaf provides programs and essential Islamic education in Sign Language ranging from the fundamental principles of Islam, to fun educational children programs and cartoons all in British Sign Language (BSL). All our services for the Deaf are free for the global Deaf Communities to benefit from. We are a registered charity and we are eligible for Zakat. Your Donations help support the Deaf Communities with these essential programs.


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