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*NEW* Qur'ans in Polish (2nd Edition)

We at Nottingham Islam Information Point will now be printing our second batch of Qur'ans in Polish and we need you to financially help us. The first batch of 1000 Qur'ans in Polish we produced over a year ago has all gone and they went like hot cakes. Many members of the Polish community throughout the UK had the opportunity to read a copy of the Qur'an in their own language and we leave it to Allah to whom He will now guide. This second batch of Qur'ans in Polish will be by a Muslim translator by the name of Tarak Buczackiego (d. 1857) and is believed to be the best translation in Polish at the moment. It consists of 790 pages and has a brilliant Introduction. The Qur'an can be found here; Help us raise £3500 so we can print another 1000 Qur'ans in Polish and give them to non-Muslims on a regular basis. In the UK there is hardly any Da'wah literature in the eastern European languages that we can give out to non-Muslims and many of them cannot read English, let alone speak it. Nottingham Islam Information Point has already started producing and distributing Da'wah literature in different languages but can only do it with your financial help. Please donate towards this production and help pass on the Message of Islam to non-Muslims. Please make a donation via JustGiving: JazakAllahu khairun. "For Allah to guide someone by your hand is better for you than having red camels." [Bukhari]

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