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Night In The Masjid Event - Final Destination

We've got our annual NIGHT AT THE MASJID EVENT this new years eve @ 7:30pm, Masjid Ummah (Above Sahaba Bookstore). Please check out the poster below and try to attend insh'Allah. We have found that brothers sometimes go out on NEW YEARS EVE for celebrations in the city centre which isn't the best environment to be in. So we hold this event every year, aimed mainly towards the youth but all brothers all welcome to join us, to give them a better place to spend their evening. You will have the opportunity to hear 3 talks on this years theme which is DEATH and the AFTERLIFE. There will also be some time to socialise over some games like the PS4, X-BOX, Pool Table and Arm Wrestling, insh'Allah we will end the night with some Pizza. Please SHARE this post with others and encourage all family and friends to join us in what is always a fantastic atmosphere.

JazakAllahu khairun.

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