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New Muslim Project

I shouldn't have to stress the great importance of helping to fund our new Brothers and Sisters who have just embraced Islam because I'm sure everybody knows the importance of it. But if everybody can donate as little as £10 towards some of the essential items a new Muslim will need then it will help them tremendously and the Barakah will be huge Insha'Allah. Items that our new Muslims will need are Prayer Mats, Compasses, Hijabs, Jilbabs, Thobes, Books on Salah, Supplications, Purification etc. Sometimes new Muslims can afford to buy these items and sometimes they can't. And of course we would buy these essential items for those who can't afford them. Every year we collect anything up to £500 solely to be spent on new Muslims and with the Message of Islam being spread quite frequently nowadays many people are embracing Islam and it is our duty to help look after them. Just imagine your money is spent on one of the new Muslims and then he or she after a few years is giving Da'wah to non-Muslims behind a table or some sort and that non-Muslim becomes a Muslim - how much Ajjar (Rewards) you will be getting every time that new Muslim does something good because you helped him or her at the very beginning when they needed it the most. We have been filming new Muslims talk about their experiences when embracing Islam and many of these Reverts are now behind our Da'wah tables passing the Message of Islam on to others. You too can obtain that reward by simply donating a little amount towards them. Use this link to donate via JustGiving: I must also stress the importance of letting everybody know that we as the Du'at for Allah do not get paid a single penny for any of our efforts and that includes our new Muslims who are also giving Da'wah every week. Every penny you donate gets spent on the intended purpose in which in this case it will only be spent on the New Muslim Packs which every new Muslim is entitled to. JazakAllahu Khairun.

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