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Support Nottingham Islam Campaign

Support your local Da'wah Centre and Masjid!

Nottingham Islam Information Point has successfully given out the Message of Islam to thousands of recipients over the past 23 years by Allah's Grace. Since 1997 we have conducted hundreds of Da'wah days, acquired hundreds of Shahadahs, mentored hundreds of new Muslims and fed hundreds of rough sleepers in Nottingham.


This Ramadan please donate generously for Allah's Cause so that we can continue the noble tasks of spreading the religion of Islam all over the world and you can inherit the rewards in this life and the next.

We accept Sadaqah which will be used in helping sustain the Project and Centre.

We accept Zakat which will be spent on producing more Qur'ans in Eastern European languages.

We accept Interest Money which will be spent on toiletries for the Da'wah Centre.

The honourable work of Nottingham Islam speaks for itself...Alhamdullilah.


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