The Addiction of Social Media by Ustadh Waseem Khan

Nottingham Islam Information Point proudly presents "The Addiction of Social Media" by Ustadh Waseem Khan.

A very important lecture on Social Media Addiction which many of our children including parents are passing a lot of time with.

Bio: Ustadh Waseem Khan holds more than a decade of experience in the Educational & Non-profit Charity sector having enjoyed successful leadership roles since 2004 as an Educational Consultant and a Head Teacher at Green Lane Masjid. More recently, Waseem Khan held the position of CEO for a non-profit organisation within the UK Charity sector. A former member of the British Educational Leadership Management & Administration Society for over 6 years, and ex President of the Association of Speaker Clubs-Yardley; benefiting from leadership skills & training using both empirical & research based methods. Waseem Khan has benefited from studying with scholars from Pakistan, Egypt and UK on various Islamic sciences & utilises his spare time towards inspiring & motivating people, especially the youth, towards the teachings of Islam. He regularly delivers Khutbas and talks in various masaajid across the UK. Waseem Khan holds a Masters degree in Education from the University of Warwick, and is also completing a Masters degree in Philanthropic Studies at the University of Kent. He is also accredited by the Chartered Management Institute having successfully completed Personal Professional Development Courses.

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