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Our Brother Ali Akbar

Over the last month we set up a Just Giving page on the request of Ali Akbars family who have supported Nottingham Islam in many ways.

"Assalamalaikum My brother Ali Akbar returned to his lord on Sunday 22nd Sept 2013. Even though my brother suffered from a rare cancer he never stopped giving charity and supported many causes. Nottingham Islam Information Point and their newly proposed dawah centre in Nottingham is one of them. The organisation under takes many dawah activities to non muslims and helps reverts to Islam. I would like to carry on this work and raise enough money to get this centre open to benefit the people of Nottingham. This will not only be Sadaqa Jariya for Ali but for you too. Ali loved helping people. Please donate generously on this Just Giving page."

Alhamdulilah with your support we have raised £4038 and we're very close to reaching the target for donations on behalf of our Brother Ali Akbar. Please make Du'a for us and if you are able to please help and donate towards our Da'wah Centre.

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