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From Pub 2 Da'wah Centre - Ustadh Aqeel Mahmood (Green Lane Masjid)

Please help us by setting up a standing order for as little as £5 a month so it will contribute towards buying Da'wah literature and Qur'ans and they will be given out to non-Muslims in this country.

Believe me Brothers and Sisters you won't even miss the £5 or £10 leaving your account on a monthly basis because Allah will put so much goodness in your life and at the same time you'll be doing your little bit in spreading the Message of Islam as Muslims ought to be doing.

Please go into your branch or set up the standing order via internet banking and give them our details as follows:

A/C Name: Nottingham Islam Information Point Bank Name: Lloyds Bank plc A/C No. 04279504 Sort Code: 30-96-18

Or you can set up a regular donation via JustGiving:

Or via paypal:

"The most pleasant effort to Allah is that which is little, but constant.” [Bukhari]

JazakAllahu khairun.

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